10 Best Pictures of Luxor February 2022

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Luxor sailboats at sunset

(Photo by: Ahmed Hamed)

The pigeon captivates the hearts of those who visit Abu Al-Hajjaj Square in Luxor’s city centre, where flocks of pigeons appear on the square every day, much as they do in European squares across the world.

Karnak Temple, Luxor

(Photo by: Yasmin)

The World’s Largest Open-Air Museum

Valley of the Kings, Luxor

(Photo by: Lilian Faqiat)

Sunset from a boat on the Nile in Luxor

(Photo by: Ahmed Obaidullah )

Karnak Temple, Luxor

(Photo by: Barbara Pimenta)

If there was carnival, I already had my costume

Walking to Luxor

(Photo by: Nerea)

First contact with Egypt, and what am I going to tell you, I can’t stop wondering out!

Valley of the Kings, Luxor

(Photo by: Laia Cruzmarco)

The most interesting fact was that tombs even included many kinds of food and drink, even wine and beer, as well as the precious objects that meant to help the deceased pass to the afterlife and achieve eternity.

Karnak Temple, Luxor

(Photo by: Alya Magdy)

Luxor Temple, Egypt

(Photo by: Marine wanders)

The greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful pharaoh of the New Kingdom, Ramesses II


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