Broad Collar

By the New Kingdom, broad collar necklaces were the most popular pieces of jewellery among ancient Egypt’s kings and aristocracy. This necklace belongs to one of Thutmose III’s three foreign brides. The backs of the falcon-headed terminals are etched with the king’s name, indicating that it was a gift to his wife.


Object Details

Broad Collar

New Kingdom

Dynasty 18, reign of Thutmose III

1479–1425 B.C.

Egypt, Luxor, Wadi Qabbanat el-Qurud, Tomb of the 3 Foreign Wives of Thutmose III (Wadi D, Tomb 1)

Gold, carnelian, obsidian, glass

H. 24 cm (9 7/16 in.); W. 38 cm (14 15/16 in.)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art