Crushed the grapes with their feet

The grape pickers crushed the grapes with their feet while holding on to a liana hanging from the beams above them in the press illustrated on the left, which is most likely circular and built of stone. The artist has purposely adjusted the skin colour of the five guys officiating in order to make them more visible. They wear a loincloth that is far shorter than the other characters’. The scene is less vibrant than Userhat’s tomb, although it is a little more preserved.
A man leans over a tiny basin in which the juice runs, and he looks oddly like the one we see under the trellis. The big jars above it can hold either this juice, which will be taken to the winegrower for vinification, or the completed wine, which the Egyptians know how to do. The clay plug that seals the amphorae argues in favour of this theory.

Object Details

Crushed the grapes with their feet

New Kingdom

Dynasty 18, Reigns of Thutmose IV


 1401 to 1391 BC

Egypt, Luxor, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna

Tomb of Nakht (TT52)