Feteer Meshaltet: A Taste from ancient Egypt

Feteer meshaltet, also known as “feteer maltoot” in ancient Egypt, has a long history. As an offering to the gods, it was left at temples, This is one of the most famous Egyptian foods.

Egypt was famed for its many sweets throughout the Mamluk period, and some of them were exported to other nations. The term “crescent feteer” was given to a new form of feteer that was shaped like a crescent. This meal is thought to have made its way to France, where it is currently known as a “croissant.”

Feteer Meshaltet: A Taste of Pharaonic Era

The feteer passed down down the generations, eventually becoming one of Egypt’s most important traditional foods. It’s typically offered during weddings and other religious events. The feteer is supposed to be a symbol of generosity and welcome. It is traditionally baked by Egyptian women and given as a gift to friends and visitors.

Feteer Meshaltet: A Taste of Pharaonic Era

Egyptians traditionally offer plain-cooked feteer meshaltet with milk-made cheese or honey. Fiteer can be made with a variety of toppings, including meat, sausage, cheese, milk, sugar, honey, almonds, Nutella, fruit, or it can be eaten plain, in addition to the traditional feteer meshaltet. When it’s served in the city, it’s generally tweaked a bit.

Feteer Meshaltet: A Taste of Pharaonic Era

Although feteer may be sampled or purchased from a variety of eateries that specialise in it, fiteer tastes completely different and more intriguing when made in the countryside by farmers’ wives. Despite the fact that the food is quite greasy, the experience is well worth it, and it should be on your list of things to do in Luxor.

Feteer Meshaltet: A Taste of Pharaonic Era

Observing feteer meshaltet in the making is almost as fascinating as eating the finished result, and even though it only lasts a few minutes, it is an experience you will never forget. Quick, rhythmic dramatic gestures, displaying considerable talent and making the procedure appear to be simple. “Trying the task at home will show you that it is far from simple!”


What is Feteer Meshaltet?

It is made up of several, thin layers of dough, ghee, and a possible filling. The fillings might be savory or sweet.


What is the history of feteer?

It was first utilized as a sacrifice for the gods in Egyptian temples during the pharaonic era. Feteer meshaltet eventually gained popularity in Egypt and is now offered at weddings, religious celebrations, and other important social events.