Formula to sail northwards

The upper half of the register height is taken up by this. On the hieroglyphic “pet”-sign of the sky, a barque navigates from east to west. It has two rudder/oars, as well as their supports, which are all decorated with concentric bands and topped with a falcon head. “His son Inerkhau, justified” is in charge of the barque. The deceased and his wife are seated under a canopy on chairs with the typical feet. They are enshrouded in a Ptah-inspired shroud. Inerkhau clutches a flabellum in both hands.

This scenario harkens back to the ancient symbolism of pilgrimages to Abydos, the Holy City where the god Osiris’ head was buried. The accompanying text begins with “Formula to sail northwards” and does not correspond to any section of the BoD that is known to exist. It’s possible that the scribe made a copying error.

Object Details

Formula to sail northwards

New Kingdom

Dynasty 20, reigns of Ramesses III and Ramesses IV

1186 to 1155 BC

Egypt, Luxor, Deir el-Medina

Tomb of Inherkau, TT359