Getting around Luxor

Different ways to travel

By Bus

Tour buses are a terrific method to get to and from Luxor’s attractions, albeit you’ll have to keep to a timetable. You’ll also have a professional guide who can explain the significance of attractions like the Valley of the Kings and the Luxor Temple. When scheduling a bus trip, bear in mind that rates vary from $80 to $200 per person, depending on the length of the tour and the destinations visited.

By Taxi

A range of Luxor blue-and-white taxi services are available from anywhere in the city, or order one by phone, Taxis are the easiest way to get around Luxor. Taxis are plentiful and cheap. You will find a group of them outside any of the hotels, or you can easily flag one down in the street if you’re coming off a cruise boat. None the less, the intrepid traveller can hire a taxi for a short trip across town for around 30 Egyptian pounds (LE), depending on the distance and time required to around 100-150 LE for a morning trip to the West Bank to visit the Valley of the Kings & Valley of the Queens.

By Caleches

Caleches or horse-carriages– which are also called hantours – operate in the same way as taxis for short journeys. This is a more leisurely way to get about and can be cool and pleasant on a warm day or evening. A very unique and great way of getting around in Luxor is through horse-drawn carriages. This is one of the best ways to see Luxor. People can bargain for the best price as the price varies from LE20 to LE100 per hour.

On Foot

Walking is the cheapest way to get around Luxor but comes at a price. However, using your own two feet may be your best bet if your hotel sits within walking distance of various attractions.
Along the Corniche the view becomes appealing and the river gets wonderful. The best walkable area is the immediate vicinity of the Luxor Temple and the souk, and between the ferry landing and the hotels on the West Bank.

By Minibus

There are microbuses -also known as service taxis- which operate on circuits around the town and this is a very inexpensive way to get around once you know the routes. Any journey in a microbus should cost (EGP 1.75). You can get on and off anywhere on the route, but they can get crowded. It’s good fun if you like adventures.

By Bicycles

Bicycles are another convenient mode of transportation in the city. Bicycles may be rented for a charge at many Luxor hotels, or you can hire one at a number of bike shops on the East and West Bank. Depending on the age of the bike and the quality of the store, bike rental costs range from 20 to 40 Egyptian pounds (or $1 to $2). It’s crucial to clarify rental durations because some bike stores provide day rentals while others charge by the hour. To avoid any problems when cycling around Luxor, check your tyre pressure and brakes, and make sure you have a bike lock (most hotels and stores will supply one for free).

By Felucca

One of the attractions of Luxor are the sailing boats or ‘feluccas’ by which you can cross the Nile or take a trip by the hour.
The fleet of feluccas is available at various points along the river. In Feluccas, the tourists can take a short round of Luxor.

By Ferry

A public ferry, which departs from a pier near the Temple of Luxor and drops passengers off by the West Bank’s Al Quran Road, travels daily across the Nile River to bring travelers between the East and West Banks. Although affordable
Ferries are not just a faster way of crossing the river, but it is a more adventurous one and is filled with excitement. tourists can travel from one bank to another. It is an efficient and fast way to make your way to the other side of the city.

By Camels and Donkeys

Renting Camels and Donkeys to tour a location in Luxor may be a lot of fun. It is a great way to explore the places as people do not get tired by walking around huge monuments. These can be rented at ferry drop off points where guides are available.


How do you get around in Luxor from a hotel?

Hiring a car and a driver for the day through your hotel is the ideal method to navigate Luxor and its surroundings.

Does Uber operate in Luxor?

There are no Uber in Luxor, The easiest way is to get a taxi from the city.

Is there LYFT in Luxor?

There is no LYFT in Luxor; instead, the two most widely used ride-hailing services are inDrive and Careem.

Is it safe to walk around Luxor?

Yes, Luxor is safe to walk around. The best walkable area is the immediate vicinity of the Luxor Temple and the souk, and between the ferry landing and the hotels on the West Bank.

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