Henutneferet and Nebettawy

The uppermost of the three registers is where you’ll find this. This time, it is the couple’s two daughters who are honoured. Henutneferet and Nebettawy are sitting next to one other. Despite their primness, their beauty did not escape the Copts, who butchered them. Like the young girl in front of them, who could be one of the sisters’ daughter. She pours a cup of wine for them from the container she holds in her left hand over the table of offerings. The text encourages young ladies by saying: “For the sake of Kas. Creating a joyful day “, as well as their identities: “the good god’s royal ornaments, the lovely Hathor, Nebettawy, and Henutneferet”.
Another little monkey can be found under the chair. The animal is chewing on a dum-palm nut that he has plucked from the basket in front of him.
Other sceneries of the same type have been obliterated by the vast damaged section, while a little portion remains at the extreme left, where it meets the west wall. The names of the two people who will receive the donations are not revealed. At the top of this part, columns for a descriptive text were made, but they were never engraved.

Object Details

Henutneferet and Nebettawy

New Kingdom

Dynasty 18, Reigns of Amenhotep II

1427 to 1401 BC

Egypt, Luxor, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna

Tomb of Userhat, TT56