How to get to Luxor


Luxor city offers a diverse range of activities, from archaeological exploration to sun-kissed relaxation. Thankfully, Luxor’s well-functioning transportation system will get you where you need to go while also enriching your travel experience.

By Air

Air travel is at the center of it all for those who are looking to save time with a teeming itinerary.
Luxor has only one airport, providing a dense network of national, international and intercontinental flights. It is located 6 km (4 miles) east of the city. Many charter airlines use the airport, as it is a popular tourist destination.
The new, fully air-conditioned International Terminal was completed in 2005 and is open around the clock. Spread across three levels, facilities here include a bank, currency exchange, ATMs, a post office, Internet access, a travel agency, a mosque and a pharmacy. There is also a first aid room, a baby-changing room, a business centre and a tourist information desk.
Shops in the main terminal area offer travel-related items as well as souvenirs, handicrafts, international newspapers and magazines. Duty free shops in the transit area offer a variety of luxury items.
There is a VIP lounge and a business center. Restaurants and snack bars inside the terminal offer a variety of food and some small cafés are also located outside of the main building. All areas offer facilities for the disabled and airlines can supply wheelchairs on request.

By Railway

Egypt’s air-conditioned trains are fantastic for the long haul, covering a relatively limited network from Cairo to Luxor. First class is the most luxurious choice, featuring waiter service, reclining sofas, and entertainment. Seats can be reserved up to seven days in advance. Choose the more expensive sleeper cars if you want absolute luxury. Passengers get a comfortable two-bed cabin with a sink, plus breakfast and dinner, and access to a dining car and a bar.

By Bus

Luxor can also be reached from all over Egypt by bus along routes that have always connected our city to the rest of the Country. There are many scheduled agencies running such trips by road, including recent low-cost companies offering the service at very competitive prices.

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