Inerkhau hug his wife

The pair is depicted seated in front of a pedestal with four flaming “candles,” the smoke of which is directed towards the two corpses. They feature a conical shape with a wick that spirals from top to bottom down the outside. Inerkhau (still stubbly) wraps his left arm around his wife’s shoulder and takes her left hand in his. In an act of libation, he pours water over himself with his right hand. Her hand rests on his right shoulder, close to his neck, as she wraps her right arm around her husband.
Six guys with shaved heads stand in front of them, their naked chests crossed by a broad white band that ends at the hips in a long white skirt. On their feet, they’re all wearing sandals. A sem-priest, who also wears a panther skin, is the first. He holds a dripping ewer in his lowered right hand in front of his body and presents the censer with the head of a falcon with his left hand up to shoulder height.
Behind him stands a man wearing a translucent skirt that reveals his legs beneath his flat triangular apron. He wields a ewer in his raised right hand to the height of his face, as do the four men that follow him. The four men behind him, who stand side by side, are all dressed in a long non-transparent skirt with no apron.

Object Details

Inerkhau hug his wife

New Kingdom

Dynasty 20, reigns of Ramesses III and Ramesses IV

1186 to 1155 BC

Egypt, Luxor, Deir el-Medina

Tomb of Inherkau, TT359