Inherkau walks towards Osiris

The register comes to an end at the back of the chamber’s west wall, where Inherkau kneels in adoration of the rising sun, which is symbolised by the akhet-sign of two hills between which the celestial star rises. In ancient Egypt, this is how the horizon was depicted. The ankh-sign of life hangs from it, and on either side are two lions facing away from each other. They are referred to as “Ra” in the book. They signify “yesterday” and “tomorrow,” respectively.
In his canonical form, Osiris sits on a low cuboid throne resting on a mat, holding a flabellum and a was-sceptre of power in his hands. He is crowned by Atef. The Great God welcomes Inerkhau into his courtroom in silence, as he always does. This is depicted by the next scene, which actually merges with this one to form a single scene.

Object Details

Inherkau walks towards Osiris  

New Kingdom

Dynasty 20, reigns of Ramesses III and Ramesses IV

1186 to 1155 BC

Egypt, Luxor, Deir el-Medina

Tomb of Inherkau, TT359