King Farouk’s rest

All You Need to Know

It is located south of Esna in Luxor and was established during the reign of Khedive Ismail in 1880. The palace, “King Farouk’s rest” was not named because it was established during the reign of Farouk, but it is a metaphorical name, as it was established during the rule of Khedive Ismail, then used by Khedive Abbas Helmy II, and inherited by the rulers of Egypt until Farouk. King Farouk only visited these rest once, and they were on the occasion of the elaboration of the Esna Reservoir in 1945 in November with whom Nokrashi Pasha was with him.

King Farouk's rest

The rest consists of a building with several floors surrounded by a large garden, and the basement ground floor, which was previously a large kitchen equipped with all its supplies, but now it is a place for the rest guard to sleep


Transfer from the monarchy to the republic during the 1952 revolution

King Farouk's rest

The first floor:
-was dedicated to receiving guests.
-It also has an equipped dining room.
-Besides a small toilet and a kitchenette.
-It also has an extended lounge along the rest with a back door overlooking the big garden.

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King Farouk's rest

The second floor:
It has multiple bedrooms next to the king’s suite, and it has a large bathroom.

Last floor:
It is the surface of the rest and also has a small closed room that did not have significance during the reign of the king, but now it has all the special things that belonged to the king such as silverware and others


King Farouk’s rest location?

Esna, south of Luxor

When King Farouk come to the rest?

It was the headquarters of the winter vacation

What happened to “King Farouk’s rest” during the Egyptian Revolution of 1952?

It’s transfer from the monarchy to the republic during the 1952 revolution.

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