Luxor African Film Festival

where African culture, arts and dreams converge in one realm

Luxor African Film Festival is an annual event organized by the Independent Shabab Foundation (ISF) which is a civil and nonprofit organization with support of the Ministries of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities, Youth and Sports, and Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with the Syndicate of Film Professions, Luxor Governorate, and with the sponsorship of the National Bank of Egypt. 

Luxor African Film Festival will screen long and short films produced in African countries, made by African filmmakers, concerned by African subjects.

Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF) represents a return to our African identity where African culture, arts and dreams converge in one realm. Thus, we reconnect with the African continent and restore Egypt’s cultural role inside it.

Luxor African Film Festival

A Brief History

The festival concept was established in mid-2010, however the inaugural LAFF edition took place in 2012. The festival was acknowledged by the Malmö Arab Film Festival as having “taken remarkable advances and becoming one of the most prominent festivals specialising in African cinema.”
In many respects, LAFF opened the path for African film and culture to be acknowledged and appreciated in Egypt, not only because of its relevance as a significant cultural aspect of the area, but also because of Egypt’s African past as a part of a continent as rich and deep as it is old.

Luxor African Film Festival

Luxor African Film Festival consists of 4 competitions: Long Narratives, Long Documentaries, Short Films (Narratives and Documentaries) and The International Competition of Freedom Films as well as other special sections.

The festival awards: The Grand Nile Prize for Best Long Film, The Jury Prize for Long Film, The Prize for Best Artistic Contribution in a Long Film, The Grand Nile Prize for Short Film, The Jury Prize for Short Film, The Prize for Best Artistic Contribution in a Short Film.

Luxor African Film Festival aims to support and encourage African film productions and partnerships between the countries of the continent through strengthening the humanitarian and political ties between the peoples of Africa in general and African artists in particular.