Medinet Habou - View in 2nd Court

View taken in the second court of the temple complex at Medinet Habou showing a portico with ruined Osiride pillars on the left-hand side and a colonnade portico on the background. Some smaller standing columns are visible in the middle ground and some other fallen ones are in the foreground, with a local man, facing right, seated on one of them. The temple complex, built over structures dating from the Middle Kingdom, dates from the New Kingdom to the Late period (c.1550-332 BC) with even later additions, such as the courtyard shown in the image. It consists mostly of the mortuary temple of Rameses III (1184-1153 BC).

Object Details

Medinet Habou – View in 2nd Court

Francis Frith




Albumen print

16.7 x 20.9 cm

Acquired by King Edward VII when Prince of Wales