Medinet Habu, 2nd courtyard south-west coast 1870

Passing through the second Pylon we find ourselves into the Second court which was later converted into a church. Due to covering the ?heathen? representations with clay, the reliefs have been preserved in good condition. On both sides of the court we find marvelous processional scenes. Those on the right represent the Great Festival of the God Min and those to the left – the Festival Ptah-Sokaris. There are also interesting war reliefs, which start at the inner wall of the second pylon. The 1st scene shows Ramses III attacking the Libyans with his charioteers. He shoots arrows with his bow and the infantry flee in all directions. The mercenaries are in the low row. The 2nd scene shows him returning from battle with three rows of fettered Libyans tied before him, and two fan bearers behind. The 3rd shows him leading his prisoners of war to Amon and Mut.

Object Details

Medinet Habu, 2nd courtyard south-west coast 1870

Antonio Beato



Albumen print

26.5 x 38.5 cm

The Metropolitan Museum of Art