Papyrus swamp in Menna's tomb

The real water level in the core area. Between the two ships, a tiny stretch of the papyrus wetlands is revealed. Several nests with eggs may be spotted on the umbels at the top. Several birds, including an ibis, are also present, both standing and flying. A striped cat and a brown weasel are on their way to the birds’ nests. Two butterflies may be observed among the birds. Menna’s throwing sticks (which may be seen) have already struck several of the birds.

Object Details

Papyrus swamp in Menna’s tomb

New Kingdom

Dynasty 18, reign of Amenhotep III

1386 to 1349 B.C.

Egypt, Luxor, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, part of the Theban Necropolis on the west bank of the Nile

Tomb of Menna, TT69