Relief from the South Wall of a Chapel of Ramesses I

Ramesses I and his family are depicted bringing offerings to Osiris on the south wall of his temple at Abydos. Ramesses leading four young bulls to “Osiris Onnophris” was depicted in the top register (since missing). Ramesses is depicted “making incense and libation” over offerings piled before the shrine of “Osiris, lord of continuity, magnificent god at home in Abydos” in the lower register. The goddesses Isis and Hathor appear behind Osiris’ monument. Ramesses is joined by Sitre, his queen, who is shown shaking two sistra. A procession of men and women trailed her, clutching bouquets.
The first ruler of Dynasty 19 was Ramesses I. He reached the throne as an elderly man, and his son, Seti I, took over soon after. The majority of Ramesses I’s monuments, including this one, were built or completed by his son.

Object Details

Relief from the South Wall of a Chapel of Ramesses I

New Kingdom

Dynasty 19, reign of Seti I

1295–1294 B.C.

From Egypt, Northern Upper Egypt, Abydos, Temple of Sety I, north of NE corner, Chapel of Ramesses I


Approximate dimensions: H. 111 × W. 190 cm (43 11/16 × 74 13/16 in.)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art