See Luxor By Bicycle

Bikes in Luxor

If you like to go about things your own way and want to view the magnificent ancient sites of Luxor, consider touring the city on a bicycle.

When you travel by bicycle, you can fully appreciate the landscape’s nuances and draw connections between these historic monuments. Through the window of a tour bus, you just cannot experience how they fit into the harsh desert terrain or how it could have felt for the ancient Egyptians to traverse between them.

See Luxor By Bicycle

When you go by bike, you may take your time, stop when you want, bypass the things that don’t interest you as much, and take tones of photographs. The cost of transportation will be less. Currently, the place is secure and mainly flat. There won’t be much traffic because the roads are generally paved.


See Luxor By Bicycle

On both banks of the Nile, it is simple to rent a bicycle in Luxor. Asking your hotel is a wise first move. If they don’t rent bikes, they can usually direct you to a shop close that does. Prior to departing, always test your bike (including the brakes) and adjust the seat as necessary.
Renting a bicycle on the west bank can make sense if all you want to do is explore the area. It is simple to transport it across on the boat if you want to utilise it on the east side as well.


A bike trip in luxor is a unique way to go around the ancient city

Luxor Tours & Activities

Looking to save some costs on your travel? Why not join a shared group tour to explore Luxor, Egypt? Here are some activities you might be interested in:

See Luxor By Bicycle

The Distance in Total

The longest location, Valley of the Kings, is located farther away and is a total of 10 km from the ferry landing. As you stop at the different places along the road, you’ll add a few more km here and there.

This indicates that the approximate total length of the trip is 25 kilometres. You’ll have plenty of breaks because it will be divided into multiple smaller segments when you’re between places.

See Luxor By Bicycle

Cycling to the Valley Of Kings, NON STOP TRAVELLING.

Luxor West Bank Cycling Itinerary

Cross the Nile on the public ferry, Simply move away from the Nile from the ferry landing, turn right into the main road, and continue straight. You must purchase your tickets in advance for Dier el Medina, Medinet Habu, Valley of the Kings, and Valley of the Queens at the ticket office on the left, which is located 4 kilometres away.

See Luxor By Bicycle

Luxor East Bank Cycling Itinerary

You will next proceed to the West Bank ferry station. Take the ferry over to the East Bank and spend the afternoon exploring there. The ferry allows bicycles.
From the East Bank ferry port, proceed directly to the Karnak Temple. Cycling through this takes roughly 20 minutes. The Luxor Temple, which is open at night, is the other important landmark to view on the East Bank.

See Luxor By Bicycle

Spend a day in Luxor Egypt, Just Go Explore.

What Should Pack for a Cycling Trip in Luxor?

  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Camera

What Should You Wear for Cycling?

For both men and women I suggest loose pants or long shorts that go at least past your knees, and a top with sleeves that at least cover your shoulders.

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