The Best Times To Visit Luxor

Where the sunshine follows you through every season

The weather in Luxor

Luxor has pleasant weather and plenty of sunshine. You may spend almost the entire day outside in spring and fall due to their mildest weather. The months of July and August, which are hot and dry over the entire city, are when maximum temperatures are achieved. December, January, and February are the coldest months of the year.
Along with giving you additional details about the weather in Luxor, we also offer advice on what to pack for each season in Luxor.

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Luxor In winter

During the winter months, Luxor, an exquisite city in Egypt situated on the banks of the Nile River, comes to life. Discovering Luxor’s ancient landmarks and attractions is made easier by the charming weather that occurs from December to February.
Luxor’s winter months are enchanted, with comfortable, warm temperatures averaging between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius. You are welcome to stroll through the city’s lovely streets, bazaars, and marketplaces because of the crisp, invigorating air and moderate breeze.
Visitors from all over the world go to Luxor in the winter to take in the city’s abundant cultural legacy, and the city is a swarm of activity. Even with the increase in tourists, the crowds are usually tolerable, and visitors may have a laid-back and genuine experience while touring the city’s well-known sites.

The Best Times To Visit Luxor

Wintertime days are pleasant, but the nights can be chilly, with lows of 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the milder nights offer the ideal setting for sipping hot tea or coffee and taking in the stunning city skyline.
A photographer’s paradise is Luxor’s wintertime. The city’s natural beauty is at its peak during this time of year, which is perfect for exploring outdoor attractions thanks to the bright blue sky and abundant sunshine. Luxor is a city that will dazzle you with its historic architecture, whether your dream is to fly in a hot air balloon above the Valley of the Kings or see the ancient buildings of the Karnak Temple Complex.
Wintertime in Luxor is a magical time to come, with comfortable temperatures. Travelers will have an unforgettable experience as a result of the city’s warm welcome, stunning natural surroundings, and historic legacy.

Type Of Clothing To Bring

Warm clothes and accessories, such as a scarf, are advised to be packed. Generally speaking, thicker socks and comfortable shoes—like boots—are advised. It is necessary to wear thermal underwear, tights, winter jackets, and warm materials like fleece, flannel, and wool.

Luxor Tours & Activities

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Luxor In Spring

Spring typically lasts from March to April. The weather changes at this time of year, moving from the chilly winter to the intense summer.
Luxor has a slow increase in temperature when spring arrives. The daytime temperatures range from 25 to 35 degrees Celsius, and the sky is a gorgeous shade of blue with a few stray clouds. Even though it’s nice in the spring, the evenings can be chilly, with temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. If you want to go out after sunset or at night, it is advised to pack a light jacket or sweater. The Nile River, which is a significant part of the city, offers the perfect setting for a romantic sunset cruise or a felucca ride.
Luxor City has pleasant weather in the spring, and while it’s a brief season, it provides dwindling crowds and is highly regarded as the finest time to experience the weather in Upper Egypt. While rates for hotels and Nile Cruises in Luxor are highest in April, March offers far reduced rates; therefore, March is a great month to visit Egypt if you can.

The Best Times To Visit Luxor

In Luxor, the springtime brings little to no precipitation. It’s a great time for outdoor activities and touring the city’s historical landmarks and historic temples because of the beautiful sky and abundant sunshine that are to be expected. It’s important to note that Luxor may get quite busy with visitors in the spring because it’s a popular time to visit before the intense heat of summer arrives. If you would rather avoid the crowds, you might want to consider traveling to Luxor in the early winter or fall shoulder seasons.
All things considered, springtime in Luxor brings pleasant, breathtaking scenery, clear skies, and beautiful weather, which makes it an ideal season to take in the historical sites and outdoor pursuits of the city. Luxor is a must-visit destination in Egypt during the spring.

Type Of Clothing To Bring

Consider dresses in vibrant colors, jeans, and sleeveless shirts made of lightweight fabrics. When traveling, accessories like sandals, a sun hat, a pashmina, and sunglasses can be useful for soaking up the sun’s rays in the morning and afternoon.

The Best Times To Visit Luxor

Luxor In Summer

Summer months typically run from May to September. The weather is hot and dry throughout this time. Luxor’s summer temperatures are extremely hot, with daily highs of between 35 and 42 degrees Celsius. Usually, the temperature is high and dry, with plenty of sunshine all day long. When going outside, it is necessary to take measures and remain hydrated because of the extreme heat. Wearing breathable, light-colored clothes and using sunscreen are advised.

The Best Times To Visit Luxor at Luxor temple

During the summer, Luxor has somewhat cooler nighttime temperatures, often between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius. The nights, it should be noted, might still be warm and could not offer much reprieve from the heat of the day. Because of the high heat, summer is regarded as Luxor’s low tourist season. On the other hand, there can be fewer tourists and cheaper costs for lodging and activities if you decide to go during this period.
It is noteworthy to remember that Luxor is the location of several historic landmarks and temples. When the weather is slightly colder, it is best to schedule your trips to these outdoor sites for early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Type Of Clothing To Bring

Wearing light-colored clothes is advised. White apparel is another popular trend. Thin, flowy materials like cotton and linen work well for these clothes since they are comfy and flattering. Typically, people use flip flops or sandals as footwear.

The Best Times To Visit Luxor

Luxor In Autumn

Autumn typically falls between the months of October and November. Autumn is a transitional period when the weather begins to cool down from the scorching summer heat and prepares for the upcoming winter season.
During autumn, Luxor experiences a gradual decrease in temperatures. Daytime temperatures range from around 21 to 35 degrees Celsius at the beginning of the season, gradually dropping to approximately 20 to 30 degrees Celsius towards the end of November. As autumn progresses, evenings become cooler, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius.
Autumn is considered a shoulder season in Luxor, meaning that it sees fewer crowds compared to the peak summer and winter seasons. This allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable visit to the city’s popular landmarks and attractions. In terms of rainfall, Luxor experiences very little precipitation during the autumn. Rainfall is rare, and the majority of days are dry with minimal cloud cover.

Type Of Clothing To Bring

Instead of packing bulky or extremely warm jackets, many advise packing many layers of lightweight clothes. You may quickly adjust to any time of day in this way.


What is the coldest month in the Luxor?

In Luxor, July has the highest average temperature of 33°C, while January has the lowest at 14°C and the most number of sunlight hours (13 in August). October has the highest average monthly precipitation of 1 millimeter.

What is the best month to visit Luxor?
The ideal dates to visit Luxor are from March to April and October to November. These brief shoulder seasons provide good weather, fewer crowds, and lower hotel costs.

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