The Egyptian Antiques Seller

The seller holds a faience seated figure of Sekhmet. Set out on the ground, from left to right, are antiques dating from various Ancient Egyptian eras: a copper spouted vessel with engraved inscription on the shoulder; a polychrome wood appliqué of the goddess Maat; a blue faience figure of the god Pataek, head broken off and resting on base. On the rug, a bronze figure of Bastet as a seated cat; a bronze figure of Osiris; a pottery jar painted with lotus motifs; and a polychrome wood shabti box. The temple wall depicts the goddess Maat in sunk relief, dating from the nineteenth Dynasty, and royal names in cartouches, in sunk relief. Meanwhile carved in sunk relief on the capital and temple column, to the right, is the vulture goddess Nekhbet protecting royal names, in sunk relief.

Object Details

The Egyptian Antiques Seller

Charles Wilda



oil on panel

45.7 cm (17.9 in); Width: 29.2 cm (11.4 in)