The Gods and Their Makers

Edwin Longsden Long (1829–1891) depicts life in Ancient Egypt in his painting The Gods and Their Makers (1878).
This is, more precisely, how individuals in the nineteenth century imagined life in Ancient Egypt. It’s an idealised perspective, but it’s a pleasant one. While creating statues and statuettes, the people in this workshop appear to be having a good time. The white cat calmly poses for the artist at the table in this scene. And aren’t her two little kittens having a good time on the bottom right? The individuals on the left crafting miniature statuettes, the vast variety of completed sculptures in the background, and the sketches on the wall all contribute to the richness of this painting.

Object Details

The Gods and Their Makers 

Edwin Long



oil on canvas

142 x 224 cms | 55 3/4 x 88 ins

Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museums