The return from Abydos, Second Boat

Menna’s face has not been obliterated in the papyrus vessel being pulled by the one just described, and he and his wife are once again reclining under a canopy. The manoeuvres are handled by two sailors. Although the top of the canopy has shifted and the man at the front of the craft no longer wields his long white staff, the scene is very identical to the one where they travelled in the opposite direction.
Arriving on the west bank would be a joyous occasion. Two superimposed kiosks depict the quayside, shielding their contents from the sun’s heat.These are made up of three papyrus columns that support a brightly coloured roof. Drinks and food are available inside each one. The interior roof is hung with foliage branches that hang between enormous amphoras on pink stands. A crimson plate with a pointed loaf is placed between the stands. A lower level of four fig and grape plates is located beneath the shelf on which the other things are displayed in the bottom kiosk.

Object Details

The return from Abydos, Second Boat

New Kingdom

Dynasty 18, reign of Amenhotep III

1386 to 1349 B.C.

Egypt, Luxor, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, part of the Theban Necropolis on the west bank of the Nile

Tomb of Menna, TT69